Meet our Volunteers

Name: Mike Bruce

Children @ CNPS: Charlotte in Grade 5 and Billy in Grade 2

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past): When we first came to CNPS from Queensland in 2016, I helped out with the Foundation PMP classes. I try to help at the Farmers' Market barbecues whenever they're short, I'm in the Parents & Friends group and write their fortnightly newsletter. I also (but not nearly as often as I should) update the Parents & Friends blog with our news and activities. I also served as the Parent Class Rep for 1C last year which was a way of contributing in a small way.

Why do you volunteer? From a selfish point of view, being new to the school, I figured volunteering was a good way to make connections and friends in a new environment. Obviously, volunteering was a way I could give back to the school in some way, but I also believe it's important for your children to see you engaged with the school. I am sure it energises their learning and engagement with their school.