2017 Curriculum outline Music

Term 1

Foundation to Grade 2: We will be doing lots of Singing. Our songs will have been specially selected to assist young singers in obtaining correct intonation and rhythm. We will also be listening to “Peter and the Wolf.” This will be a great way to learn about the instruments of the orchestra and practice moving to music.  We will continue our keyboard playing. Students will work at their own pace through a sequence of simple keyboard pieces.

Grade 3-6: The upper grades are having an introduction to orchestral practice. Each class is divided up into groups which play different instruments. Some of the skills we will learn are: understanding a score, watching the conductor, appreciating different groups of instruments such as strings, woodwinds, and percussion.


Term 2


Foundation to Grade 2: We will continue our singing instruction and prepare a song for assembly performance. We will continue our exploration of “Peter and the Wolf.” By acting out the different characters we gain new insights into the music. We also continue our work on keyboard playing. Students will work at their own pace through a sequence of simple keyboard pieces.


Grade 3-6: The upper grades are working on preparing a song for assembly performance, which incorporates the use of a variety of musical instruments. This project includes learning new arranging and performance techniques. We will also continue to explore new technologies such as the loop pedal to enhance our performances. 

Term 3



All children from Foundation to Grade 6 will be involved in a very exciting project. Each class will take the song they have practiced for assembly performance and will then record it on garageband software using instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals. The class will develop a plan for a music video to accompany the song. Each week we will film different scenes. The video will then be edited in iMovie and the finished products will feature on the school website. The Junior Choir will perform at Ann Sgro Kindergarten this term. Assembly performances will continue to showcase the work of each class and 3/4 bands, 5/6 bands Performance choir and orchestra continue as well.

Term 4


Foundation to Grade 2


Second semester will focus on the Christmas Concert which will be held on the evening of December 13th. This involves learning a festive song and exploring different ways to present it in performance. It typically involves creating solo vocal parts and developing instrumental arrangements. We will also explore microphone and stage technique.


Our keyboard lessons will continue thoughout the term and we will also explore the music of “Peer Gynt” by Edvard Grieg.


Grade 3-6


Christmas Concert preparation will keep us very busy in Term 4. Children will learn to play and sing a song for the evening. Our singing tuition will involve lots of discussion about correct note placement, the difference between high and low notes and the importance of using your head voice. We will also continue keyboard lessons.


Students in Grade 6 will, with their Grade 5 colleagues, work on their graduation video. This will involve filming, acting and using a range of special effects video editing skills using Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie.