Grade 3/4 Camp

From February 15th - 17th, the Grade 3/4s went on camp to Camp Iluka, in Shoreham. We arrived there just before 11am in the morning, after a kind of long bus ride. We were all super excited and ready to go! We couldn’t wait to find out who we were in cabins with and who we were doing activities with.

We had a walk around the site on our first day, participating in team work activities and encouraged each other to have a go and do our best. Dinner on Wednesday night was pasta, followed by a movie before bedtime.

On Thursday, we were rearing to go – our first full day of activities. We made damper (which was delicious); met with an Indigenous leader Lionel, who told us about native bush tucker and showed us how to throw a spear; we did a low ropes course; and finally we did some tree climbing. Some of us were really brave and climbed to the top of the tree. Others at least had a go at going as high as they could.

Dinner on Thursday night was a BBQ, which was this time followed by a talent show. Oscar S did some really cool drumming, Liam, Anabelle and Hasti told some very funny jokes and Naomi did some impressive dancing. We went to bed extremely tired that night!

Our last morning was spent at the beach, looking in rockpools for sea life and playing beach games. We saw a few hermit crabs under the rocks.

We arrived home on Friday, exhausted and full of stories and memories of our camp. We are sure that we have told you all about them as soon as we got home.

Thanks to Alan and Tom for coming, and to the teachers for organising it.