Meet our Volunteers

Name: Michelle Lorier

Children @ CNPS: Isla (Grade 2) and Nina (Grade 4)

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past): I've helped mainly in the kitchen over the years and usually coordinate, order the food and then help organise other volunteers for the end-of-term special lunch orders. I made enough pizza dough for 400 slices at Carnevale and helped to make 400 Honeyjoys for footy day. I've helped out with food at other school fundraisers such as stalls and at the Make.Noise festivals.

Why do you volunteer? I am a chef so this is the best way I can contribute, especially when it comes to knowing how much of the ingredients to order and where to source them. When we came up with themes for the lunch orders at Parents and Friends meetings I thought it would be good to showcase food from other cultures. It's a great way to help raise finds for the school and my kids enjoy me being around school and doing this.

Note from editor: Michelle does all of this as well as working 5-6 days each week as a professional chef so her help is really appreciated!