Principal's News

Coffee Cake Connect – a family support group for children on the Autism Spectrum

The aim of this group is to support families with children on the Autism Spectrum by creating a network that builds relationships between yourselves and school. Our first meeting will be on Monday the 18th of June at 9.15am in the staffroom. It will be an informal get together were you will be able to chat and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and some cake. Joy and I met with Maria, who has Yiorgo in Grade 4 and Fotini in Grade 3, to plan the first meeting.

This is what she emailed me regarding her vision and feelings about the group..."I'm really excited to be part of the school's upcoming support group for parents/carers for children on the Autism Spectrum, yet to be diagnosed and in the process of. It's a support group to help find your tribe of like-minded parents, who can offer support, understanding and compassion to each other, without any judgment. Really hope to see you there!”

I really hope to see you there if this looks like a group that would benefit you. So come along have some Coffee, Cake and Connect with like minded people.

Farmers' Market Thank You

A really big thank you to the volunteers over the years who helped make the Farmers' Market the huge success it was at CNPS.  A very special thank you to Ruzi who gave it everything she had on a Saturday morning to help it run smoothly and productively for the school. It is the end of an era but also the beginning of an exciting new one. There are lots of ways you can support the school and one way is joining the Parents and Friends group. If you are interested email them at


Safety around the school is something I often receive emails about, especially road safety. In the last few weeks concerned adults have contacted me about traffic incidents they have witnessed around the school. Traffic rules are there to be followed, including parking restrictions! Please be mindful and allow yourself enough time to travel safely to and from school.  Sometimes it is better to walk, ride or take public transport.

Building Works

If you have visited the school recently you might have noticed that there is not a lot of construction work happening. We are still waiting for the go ahead from Yarra Valley Water. I am hoping that this is going to happened very soon, so that works can begin. One of the impacts of losing part of the school yard is that the playing space around the buildings has become more congested. We are monitoring the situation so that everyone can be safe and happy in the yard. The staff have also been looking at ways to improve the outside time for all students. This has involved some thinking outside of the box and looking at creative and different ways of approaching the yard and how we use it. It will be even more problematic when the wet weather arrives and the oval might be out of action. We will need to be more resilient and understand that sometimes everything is not available to us and that we might need to try different things. If you have any suggestions or feedback please email me at


I hope you have a wonderful week,