Parents and Friend's News

Super Market turnout

So ends an era, as we farewell the Coburg Farmers’ Market. It has been a fabulous fundraiser for our school, raising money for the kitchen and music room renovations, shade sails, new basketball and netball rings and many other projects. But more than that, it has united our school community and showcased to the wider community all that Coburg North Primary School has to offer, (evidenced by the fact student enrolments have boomed since the market came to the school).

A special thanks to Jo Harrison, the driving force behind bringing the market to the school, and the creative genius behind the pancake licences that introduced our Foundation students and their parents to the joys of volunteering at our twice-monthly stall 

Thank you to Liz Pye, who offered to coordinate our stall at the first market on April 27, 2013, without realising that she was actually volunteering to give up two Saturdays a month for the next two years. Liz also led an infamous Parents & Friends meeting in early 2013 where we sampled what felt like hundreds of different batches of pancakes before settling on 'the recipe' that has been used ever since (and is published here).

Thank you also to Erika Vella, Carla Bruce Lee and Ruzi Duric, who all managed the sometimes difficult task of rallying volunteers and rising in the wee hours of Saturday with aplomb. Finally, thank you to every single one of you who has stood at the gate shaking the bucket, felt the pain in your back of leaning over a pancake maker for hours on end, or tackled the temperamental barbecue – we couldn't have done it without you. 

Thanks to the many who helped at the final market on May 26. Thanks to Dina, Angela with Indi, Amelia with Louis and Rose, Ben with Grayson, Mike, Lena with Will, Kalissa and Ray, Jackie, Kate, Zohreh, Jenny with Scarlett and Janey, Gavin with Gabriel, Ben (Peake), Tamara and Paul with Ada, Camille and Clea, Steph with Willa, Rohini with Rishi, Erika and Paul and - of course, Ruzi and Matt with Charlotte and James. That’s a wrap folks. 


And if you ever wish to rekindle a bit of that market vibe, here is the original pancake recipe used over the years at the school stall.





250g self raising Flour

1 teaspoon sugar

pinch of salt

50 grams melted butter

350ml full fat milk

1 egg 



1. Mix together sifted flour, sugar and salt

2. Add egg to milk, gently whisk. Add to melted butter and mix.

3. Pour in wet ingredients to flour mixture. Using an electric hand mixer, beat together. 

4. Leave to sit for an hour. 

5. Add more milk or water to pancake mixture until it is of a good consistency. 


Boogie Night

Parents & Friends has organised a disco for grades 3 to 6 in the school hall on Friday, June 15, from 6pm-7.30pm. There will be a DJ, refreshments and - naturally - a lot of dancing. Students should get there by 6pm with a supervising adult, with entry $5. All money raised goes to the school. Parents & Friends also has plans for a Foundation to Grade 2 disco in late November.


Bean Scene - Unfortunately this has been cancelled

The monthly coffee morning will take place on Friday, June 15, from about 8.30pm, courtesy of the Vagabond Coffee van, run by school parent Jasmin Gross.


Reconciliation Lunch

Thanks to all the parents and carers who ordered food for the special Reconciliation Lunch and all those who helped out on the day. A huge thanks, once again, to chief cook Michelle Lorier for all her incredible work in making it all possible and again turning out such great food. The lunch made $1200 to go towards school projects.


P&F Meeting

The next Parents & Friends meeting takes place on Monday, June 4, at 7pm.