Principal's News

Hello Everyone,

It is really interesting how some TV programs get us thinking and problem solving. One of those shows for me  is on the ABC called War on Waste. It has also had a big effect on some of the students. Who have been enthusiastically thinking of ways to help the school with our recycling and to reduce the amount of rubbish we create. This is something that I am also very aware of as an educator and parent. I was especially interested in the episode that looked at the amount of clothing that goes to landfill and that got me thinking about our lost property!  The lost property seems to have a life of its own and grows each week. One of the things you can do to help is label your child’s clothing. That will help us return it to them.

I have includes an article by Bridget, Samira and Gabriel who are in grade 3. Gabriel approached before school asking if he could pick up and sort our rubbish for recycling. We discussed it and with the help of two friends they went out at recess and lunch and did something positive for the environment and the school. Thank you for showing great imitative and doing such a great job.  

Waste No More

Hi Everyone,

Bridget, Samira and Gabriel have been watching the ‘War on Waste’. After watching the show, we had an idea. Our idea was that we should try and reduce the waste at Coburg North. So we started by picking up waste and sorted it into the right bins. After that we talked to Jill. We hope this school will become a waste free school.

We have a good tip for everyone at school: Think Before You Bin!

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Bridget, Samira and Gabriel


Foundation enrolments 

Please, if you have a child who is starting at CNPS next year in Foundation, make sure that you have put in an enrolment form. We will start sending out acceptances for 2019 Foundation in the next week or so. If you know someone who wants to send their child here next year, please get them to ring and either join a tour or send in enrolment information.

Peer Support Program

We have now completed our third week of the ‘Keeping Friends – Relationships’ module of the Peer Support program. This module supports students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to maintain friendships and interact with one another in a friendly and positive way.

Our grade 5/6 students have been doing an outstanding job of leading their groups through the different activities. Younger students have been keen to participate and have made new social connections while developing their friendship skills.

What is the Peer Support program?

The Peer Support program provides students with a supportive environment where children and young people develop skills, understandings, attitudes and strategies to improve their mental, social and emotional wellbeing. Positive relationships are developed across the school through a series of engaging activities with a range of students of all ages. The program enables participating students to contribute in an environment where all can join in. Peer Support Leaders who deliver the program also gain leadership skills.  

How does Peer Support work at Coburg North?

After the initial Peer Leader Training, students from across the school are placed into small, mixed level groups every week for 8 weeks. These weekly sessions will run for about 40 minutes using materials from Peer Support Australia about positive relationships and anti-bullying. Peer Leaders run these weekly, supervised, sessions to develop protective factors and strengthen positive relationships across the school. Student leaders will have a weekly briefing on material that is to be delivered and receive feedback from their supervising teacher at the conclusion of each session. Using Peer Leaders means we have student role models who can help our staff and parents encourage positive relationships. The students identify their own strengths and then discuss what is respectful and what are unhealthy behaviours and how strategies, including talking to staff and parents can help. The module reinforces some of our school’s key values and our policy and procedures.  

Have a great week,