Principal's News

Thank you!

What a great week it has been with the sun shining and hopefully those cold days behind us. Again it has been a very busy week with the concert, literacy incursions, an excursion to the Melbourne Museum and a Book Week parade in the hall today.

I was lucky enough to see the concert each night, and each time I saw it I was equally amazed and impressed with how wonderful it was. All the students were excellent in the role they played be it on stage or back stage. We really have a wealth of talent at CNPS.

Thank you to all the families who helped with the concert however big or small your contribution was, we would not be able to put on the concert without your help. I will not try to thank individuals because there were so many of you and I don’t want to neglect anyone.

There are several key teachers that I have to acknowledge for all the effort that they put into the concert. The first is Stephen who did an amazing job to stage such a wonderful concert over three nights. Also Simon who wrote the script with Stephen, Kathleen who helped rehearse the actors, Bridget who coordinated the costumes, and Margaret, Gary and Kristin who worked on the props. The office staff, Deb and Steph were also a great support to the success of concert. Another big thank you to all the staff at CNPS. A concert is always a big event at a school but when have a concert staged over three nights it is even bigger. You all put in more than what was required and supported each other to allow the students to shine.

There is one last thank you, to the students at CNPS. I am sure that some of you were nervous and a bit unsure of how it was going to turn out. You looked after each other and supported each other to do your best. You did a great job!

This week is also my last week at CNPS.  I have enjoyed my time at CNPS. It was wonderful to meet so many of you and form relationships with you and your child. The students at CNPS are little treasures full of potential and wonder and one of the joys of being here was for them to visit me, to show me a piece of learning, a drawing, share an idea or just tell me what was happening in their world. It has been a very rewarding job and I feel that I have made a positive difference to the school and the community who uses it. I also want to acknowledge the teachers, support staff and office staff, you all made my job a little easier with your support and knowledge of CNPS. Thank you to every one for making me feel so welcomed. I soon felt very much part of the CNPS community.

All the best for the future,