Principal's News

Welcome Back to Term 4!



I’d like to welcome everyone back to school and hope that you all had a great time with your family. We headed out to the bush to enjoy the fresh air and take in the sun rays. I certainly enjoyed the time to relax, unwind and reflect on all things CNPS. During the break I got an opportunity to watch ‘Most Likely to Succeed’, a documentary about education and curriculum reform in 21st century America, where filmmaker Greg Whiteley reveals the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today’s innovative world.

This film highlighted my own concerns for education in Australia and what we must do to reform our own education system in order for our students to strive in the 21st century workforce. I too, as well as many other educators in Australia are asking, why has our education system stayed the same while our economy has so drastically shifted due to changes in technology? Last week I proposed to staff that we move ahead with advances to technology and move towards transitioning from a 1-1 netbook program to a 1-1 iPad approach. This approach will transform teaching practice over the next few years where we will see technology seamlessly integrated into student’s learning and mirror the world that they currently live in. More discussions on how we will move forward will take place over the next coming months. 





As most of you are aware, CNPS has a Communication and People Power committee led by staff and parents. At our meeting last week we discussed our movements for streamlining our communication channels and making life easier for both parents and staff. We decided to move all of our communication channels to COMPASS due to the programs ability to cater for both parents and staff’s communication and organisational needs. This will eliminate communication breakdowns as well as provide benefits for families with siblings at our feeder secondary schools who also use COMPASS. Currently we are working on a plan of action to roll it out. We are striving to have everything in place by the end of the year, ready for full implementation in 2019. A comprehensive detail of this initiative will come out shortly. We ask everyone for your patience as well as your feedback during this transition.


2019 Class Input

It is about this time, class structures and placements for 2019 are in development ready for a smooth transition. Many factors are taken into consideration when creating class lists to ensure an even balance across all grade levels. One of the considerations that we use during this process are parent requests. It is important to note that parent request are only considered based upon the student’s positive or negative influence they may have when being placed within a classroom. It is important to note that we do not place students into classes based on choice. We would like to ask that all requests be sent to me via email by the end of October.


Traffic on Jersey and Bishop Streets

After some discussion about the traffic congestion on the Coburg Good Karma Network social media site, the Moreland City Council Mayor and traffic management council members arranged a meeting with myself and our school president, onsite to witness the traffic congestion. This is a positive step forward for improving the safety for our students and the community on both Jersey and Bishop streets. As a result of the meeting there will be parking changes to these streets, including O’Hea Street that will occur over the next month. Once we hear back from Moreland City Council, we will inform you of the changes. Could parents also be aware that parking inspectors will be frequently patrolling the area during these times.


Monika Gruss