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Plants for Playgrounds Windfall

Last month’s Plants for Playgrounds event raised an astounding $8830.

The event was the brainchild of Liz Pye who toiled for months to prepare plants with an incredible amount of help from chief propagators Sessi, Caro, Vanessa, Miki, Steph, Lisa, Alice, Adam, Annie, Greg, Jeremy, Jackie, Jo, Kalissa, Nicola's Mum, Debb (from the office), Class 1D – and probably many more who helped or donated plants, pots and seeds.

A special mention for Charlotte who single-handedly propagated more than 500 plants.

Thanks, too, to fabulous crafters, Jo, Annie and Emma, to all those who leafleted and got the word out and people who set up, baked and served food and ran the cake stall on the day.

And finally thanks to everyone who came and supported the event.  May your plants bring you joy and your crops be bountiful.