School Council Meeting May 29

We welcomed two new council members, Tim Prendergast as a new staff representative and Georgie Murphy, a new parent representative who is filling a casual vacancy after the resignation of Linda Crisci.

During the last meeting, items discussed included:

  • Building updates
    • General update provided. Asbestos removal is taking longer than expected as all asbestos removal has to happen when the school is empty. This has added to building delays by at least 4 weeks, which means completion could happen early 2020. To try to reduce delays, the old admin building will be demolished earlier, in the July school holidays.
    • Due to the demolition of the old admin building, OSHC will need to move into the new building space.
    • Incomplete joinery due to budget restrictions can be retrofitted after the build is complete. These will be planned for over a 3-5 year period as the approximate cost is a further $180K for completion
  • Compass is now being used for all school events. They are updated on the compass calendar. The compass calendar can be accessed through the web browser, on a desktop or through the web browser option in the app. The calendar on the school website will be removed and is not being updated.
  • The Code of Conduct for school councillors was approved as were a number of finance policies. The Cash Handling policy, Electronic Funds Management Procedures policy, and Purchasing Credit Card policy were all approved. A draft of the Bullying and Cyber-Bullying Prevention policy was also presented for further feedback.
  • Monika and Kate met with Moreland Council in regard to a request for a disabled parking space. They have been looking at possible site options and are waiting to hear back from council.
  • Reports – reports were presented from: Finance; the Principal; Education; Buildings, Grounds and Development; OSHC; and Parents & Friends. Reports were also presented from the Community Engagement team, and the Technology working group.

Sub-committee and Working Party meeting dates for 2019 are as follows:

Finance: 9am in the school office - 12 June, 17 July, 14 August, 11 September, 16 October, 13 November, 11 December

Parents and Friends: 7pm in the conference room - 17 June, 22 July, 19 August, 21 October, and 18 November

Education: 6pm in the conference room -  19 June, 24 July, 21 August, 23 October, 20 November

OSCH: 6pm in the OSCH space - 18 June, 16 July, 20 August, 15 October, 19 November

Buildings and Grounds: 5:30 pm in Room 1 - 18 June, 23 July, 20 August, 22 October, 19 November

Camps Working Party: 3.45 pm Conference room - 6 June, more dates TBA

Community engagement: 3.45 pm Staff Room - 20 June, 1 August, 5 September, 10 October, 7 November

Wellbeing: 8.30 am Kyla’s office - 18 June, 16 July, 20 August, 17  September, 22 October,  19 November

Sustainability: 3.45 pm Room 1 -   14 June, 19 July, 16 August, 18 October, 15 November


If you would like to join any of the committees or working parties, please get in touch via the office or Kate Copping


The next school council meeting will be held at 7 pm, Wednesday, 26 June 2019 in the new library. All are welcome to attend.