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Our personal information is a critical input to the economy and government agencies, and we are seeing heightened awareness of privacy issues as organisations and agencies face increasingly complex data protection challenges.

Privacy Awareness Week is an annual event that highlights the importance of protecting personal information, and helps organisations, agencies and the public navigate the privacy landscape.

For organisations and agencies, it’s a reminder to review privacy practices and policies and educate their staff about information handling obligations.

For the public, it’s an opportunity to share information and practical tips that empower people to take control of their personal information.

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Personal information

Fact: 12% of 10 to 14 year olds share personal information online


  1. Get your child on side with online privacy by exploring how their personal information can be used now and in the future.
  2. If you have your own social media account, think about the types of photos and information you share. Do you post photos of your child that show details of their school, sporting club or other activities? Take the opportunity to review your own habits and model safe online behaviour.
  3. Get involved—play along with your child to get a feel for how they are managing their online privacy in the gaming world.

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