District Cross Country Championships 2019

The competition involved 11 other schools representing the Coburg District. Students 10 years and under ran 2 kilometres, whilst 11 and 12/13 year olds ran 3 kilometeres. All students completed the course, which was an outstanding achievement. We are extremely proud of every child and I congratulate them on their dedication, fitness, team spirit, personal behaviour, performance, determination and great sporting behaviour.  It was a pleasure to see every child “be their best” and give everything they possibly could. All students trained extremely hard, both at school and during their own time and I thank their parents also for helping them with the extra training.

The children who competed were:

Age  11 Girls

Age 10 Boys

Age 10 Girls

Age 12/13 Girls

Eva Todaro

Hugo Svoboda

Camille Sutton-Heath

Annie Jeffery

Leila Furness

Daniel Giles

Tilda Jukes

Juliet Ryan

Ella Lee

Rowan Davies

Neve Potter

Alisha Hickson

Esme Alves

Jude Lee

Abigail Crowe

Rose Palantzis

Eva Chopin

Raphael Avery

Charlotte Abbott

Ada Sutton-Heath

Sadie Diblasi-Huston

Tim Zhang

Aria Poplin Wu

Imogen West

Kira Lee

Blake Harrison

Marley Belli


Age  11 Boys


Clara Kerr

Nikoletta Anthanassopoulos

Abe McSpeerin




Noah Warren





There was an amazingly higher number of girls training than usual, and it was magnificent that they were willing to put in the extra effort and dedication to try out for the Cross Country event. Even after some of these students didn’t qualify they still chose to give up some of their lunch times and continue training with the Cross Country team.

Thank you to all the parents, and relatives, who gave up their time to attend. Your support definitely spurred the children on. A special thank you to Tamara Heath for giving up her time on the day, to travel with us on the bus and assisting with taking the students to their race starting point. Thanks also to Debb and Steph, in the office, for their fantastic work helping out with organising the cost, and last minute phone calls.

There were many outstanding achievements and the top 10 competitors from each race progress through to the next level. Students who finish 11th to 15th were emergency entries. Eleven of our students qualified for the Divisional Championships on Wednesday 5th June at Bundoora Park. They were: Ella L 1st, Eva C 2nd, Eva T 8th, Leila 9th, Esme 10th, Abigail 4th, Camille 5th, Marley 6th, Noah 1st and Tilda 13th who was an emergency. What an amazing achievement!!  

After the Divisional championship was the Regional level. Congratulations to Imogen who placed 3rd, Ella L 4th and Noah 5th. These three students made it through to compete Regional Cross Country event, which is absolutely sensational!! Congratulation to Noah who placed 14th and Ella 16th at this level. And to Imogen who placed 9th and made it through to the State.



Thank you

Jacinta Fitzsimmons & Gabby Young