Inclusive Play at Coburg North Primary School

Our vision is for these spaces to be shared by Coburg North Primary School (CNPS), Coburg Special Development School (CSDS) and the wider community.  We are incredibly lucky at CNPS to have valuable gardens, trees and multiple play spaces. We want to ensure we maximise the benefits of these spaces for our community and our environment.

The Parents & Friends Committee have been working tirelessly to engage our community in a range of successful fundraising initiatives for a playground. We are nearing a point when the efforts of these funds can start to be realised. To this end a small group of parents have been working together to come up with a bold and exciting initiative.

Thanks to a CNPS parent, we have been extremely fortunate to meet and engage the services of not-for-profit organisation Playground Ideas and through them, one of Australia’s leading landscape architects Jeavons Landscape Design to develop an early stage conceptual play plan. This will be a macro plan of the whole school site and include a cost estimate.

This concept plan will greatly enhance chances to leverage our school’s fundraising efforts through applying to state and local government and corporate funding opportunities; seek community partnerships and enable community buy-in.  We will be able to stick this master plan on the front of our school and feel proud and united around what we seek to achieve.

Before Playground Ideas and Jeavons put their creative talents to paper, we are seeking input from the students, teachers and parent community on a number of key areas identified. 




  • Inclusive & diverse play types to engage differing ages, interests and abilities
  • Vision to share spaces e.g. Coburg Special Development School, Moreland Council school holiday program, sporting clubs, with the broader community
  • Spaces that promote sustainability, bio-diversity & smart natural design

Ideas gathered so far for each identified space (REFER TO SITE MAP)


1– Main entrance off O’Hea Street

  • Welcoming entrance to our school with inviting flow into the school grounds
  • Beautiful native plantings with natural and artistic elements incorporated e.g. boulders, sculpture that can accommodate play
  • Consistent accessible pathways throughout the school to create connected and harmonious flow through the grounds
  • All ages play areas

2 – Little area (pirate ship and surrounds)

  • Pirate ship to remain
  • Enhance/extend sandpit area to be used in conjunction with loose parts/construction and water play from tap on water tank
  • Opportunities for nature play including rock climbing mound (if to be relocated from near space 6)
  • Colour coded markings on asphalt for games e.g. downball
  • Designated area for loose parts play – Nudel Kart (for context see Playground Ideas website)

3 – Senior retreat (O’Hea St- new building courtyard)

  • Social space for senior students
  • Secluded outdoor space teachers could use for teaching (noise from road?)

4 - Central Plaza- Covered Area (old Ampitheatre- currently building site)

  • Structurally interesting all-weather cover
  • Congregating space with seating options
  • Sculptural aspects with rain tanks making 4 pillars, creepers

5 – New playground (site of old rock climbing wall)

  • Play equipment that incorporates inclusive play design
  • Easy access from Science Technology Engineering Art Maths (STEAM) precinct and CSDS base classroom

6 – Entrance off Jersey Street

  • Welcoming entrance into school with beautiful line of sight through to the heart of the school 

Areas 7 & 8 form part of the master vision for our school but will not form part of the scoping provided by Playground Ideas

7 – Italian kitchen garden and orchard with community hub

  • Veggie beds, chickens, orchard all centralised into one space that is highly visible and accessible from Jersey Street
  • Idea of a pop up café/market structure to sell school produce
  • Within easy access of commercial kitchen facilities

8 – Oval

  • Turfed oval with irrigation systems
  • Athletics track around the periphery that vehicles can drive on to enable access by foodtrucks/ambulances/vehicles for other fundraising purposes
  • Change rooms
  • Diverse play opportunities
  • Limited access by sporting clubs/school holiday programs/community fundraising initiatives

We want to hear from you

We would love to hear what you think via the survey monkey link below.  Let us know any high level points we have forgotten. Let us know the aspects that really resonate...

And remember this is the first step in the conceptualising process. There will be opportunity down the line, as funding is attained, to drill down into far greater detail for each space. Survey closes end of Friday 2 August.


We are very excited about our journey ahead.


Playground working group


Briar Stevens, CNPS Parent and Sustainability Committee

Lisa Berlingeri, CNPS Parent and Sustainability Committee

Sarah Kerr, CNPS Parent

Emma Hopkins, Parent and Sustainability Committee

Jackie Hanlon – Parent and Parents & Friends Committee

Tamara Heath – Parent and Parents & Friends Committee

Georgie Murphy – Parent and School Council


Margaret Corzo, Art Teacher

Carmel Post, Prep and Sustainability Co-Leader

Monika Gruss, Principal CNPS

Warren Tofts, Principal, Coburg Special Development School

Kerryn Cilia, Coburg Nth After School Care