Grade 3 camp

Some of us were over-packed, some of us were a little anxious, but ALL of us were keen.

Once we got to our cabins and unpacked, we were ready to rock and roll and begin the activities. During our time at camp we had a go at Canoeing, Raft making, camp cooking (pancakes on a BBQ), the Giant Swing, Archery and Circotron. They all challenged us in some way – fear of heights, collaborating to build rafts that float, making a pancake batter that wasn’t lumpy…

The Talent Show on Monday night was an evening of comedy, magic, singing and dancing, with a little gymnastics thrown in.

On Tuesday night after an early dinner, we headed over to the Penguin Parade. The first penguin arrived just after 6:30, and after sitting in the stands (and ice cold wind) to watch more penguins waddle in from the sea for a half hour, we were off to the boardwalk to see the penguins returning to their burrows.

We were extremely lucky in regards to the weather. Although it was forecast to be a bit cold and wet, the sun was out the whole time and the weather couldn’t have been better.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Georgia, Gabby and Shui for coming with us. Also thanks to the dads who gave up their time to help out – Alan, Alex and Jason.

Looking forward to next year’s camp already!!

“The giant swing was really high and it was scary but I’m really happy I did it!” Jordan P.

“The raft making was challenging because we had to build them together” Ada S.

“It was great to have a holiday with my friends” Louis O