School Council Meeting


On Wednesday, 30th October, school council met. During the meeting, items discussed included:

  • Building updates – a general update was provided.
  • School Council approved a new provider for school photos for 2020.
  • The Year 2 sleepovers for 2019 and 2020 were approved.
  • Year 5/6 Camp for 2020 was approved.
  • The parent payment policy and letter for the 2020 school year were approved.
  • Proposed Curriculum days and days in lieu for 2020 were approved by school council. They have been attached to public holidays to assist with family vacation timing. The two curriculum days in March are for professional learning with a presenter who provides training over two consecutive days. The days in lieu are for Meet the Teacher (5th and 6th Feb) and Teacher Interviews (24th and 25th June).

2020 Curriculum Days:

  • 28 Jan 
  • 10 March Tuesday(after Labor Day)
  • 11 March Wednesday
  • 14 April (after Easter Monday)

2020 Days in Lieu 

  • 26th of June Friday (after parent teacher interviews, before long weekend)
  • 2nd November (before Melbourne Cup)
  • Reports – reports were provided from: Finance; the Principal; Education; Buildings, Grounds and Development; and Parents & Friends. Reports were also presented from the Community engagement team; and the Sustainability team.

Sub-committee and Working Party meeting dates for 2019 are as follows:

Finance: 9am in the school office - 13 November, 11 December

Parents and Friends: 7pm in the conference room –18 November

Education: 6pm in the conference room -  20 November

OSCH: 6pm in the OSCH space - 19 November

Buildings and Grounds: 5:30 pm in Room 1 - 19 November

Camps Working Party: 3.45 pm Conference room - dates TBA

Community engagement: 3.45 pm Staff Room - 7 November

Wellbeing: 8.30 am Kyla’s office - 19 November

Sustainability: 3.45 pm Room 1 -   15 November


If you would like to join any of the committees or working parties, please get in touch via the office or Kate Copping


The next school council meeting will be held at 7 pm, Wednesday, 27th November 2019 in the new library. All are welcome to attend. Please notify the Principal (Executive Officer) at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, if you intend to come, via the email address listed above.