Movember Wrap-Up

Movember wrap up


On the last Friday in Movember, students from Grade 4A and 3A were extremely excited at their chance to hold the annual Movember Market Day. Students from both classes worked independently to form their groups, organise their product, advertise and ultimately run their stalls. They organised to meet up after school at each other’s houses, using each other’s kitchens… All with the support of each other and their families.

So many thanks to the families for tolerating the organised chaos in their homes; to the school community for supporting the fundraising and most importantly to the 4A and 3A students involved in everything.



They were extremely proud of their efforts, as are we. Together we raised an amazing $1402, all going to the Movember Foundation. Thank you for your effort and support.

And the highest earners in 3A (Per, Hugo, Louis and Oliver) won the privilege (?) of shaving Simon’s moustache off- which they decided to shave only half of. Nice example of teamwork at play. Sasha, Jarvis, Will, Liam and Rishi banded together and raised the most in 4A and each took great pleasure in shaving a fifth off Lewis' mo.

 - Lewis and Simon