Visual Arts 2013

Visual Arts

At Coburg North Primary our talented Art Teacher inspires our students every week.


Our students experience a wide variety of visual art mediums in the areas of drawing, painting, threads & textiles, collage, modelling, printmaking and construction.

Grade 3 & 4 ceramic birds

ceramic birdsceramic birdsceramic birds

The term 3 Visual Art focus for the Grade 3 & 4 s was ceramics and sculpture. Taking their cue from nature, the students were asked to create a bird as a way of show-casing the techniques they have been perfecting during the term. As you can you see, we have many budding sculptors in levels 3 & 4.

ceramic birdceramic birdceramic bird

Grade 3 & 4 hand stitched bags and mats

Grade 3 & 4 made money, money, money pictures

Grade 5 & 6 made Greek & Roman inspired vases

Grade 2 made ceramic fish

Grade 6 clay work