Language - Italian

At Coburg North Primary School every student from Foundation to Grade 6 studies at least one hour of Italian language each week.


Our workshops cover a range of themes and topics such as: gardens, markets, food, family, transport, housing, school, emotions, hobbies and contemporary life in Italy. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own culture and language, make connections, compare and contrast their life with life in Italy.


The language workshop immerses students in Italian through instructions, reading stories, viewing and listening activities, and builds the students’ comprehension and confidence. 


Students are encouraged to speak in Italian and apply their learning in a number of situations and activities such as role play, dialogue, performance, singing with actions, reciting and games. Computers and iPads are used in our workshops for listening exercises, games and other language activities. Students are encouraged to visit the CNPS Italiano website to review and continue their Italian at home.


Each term students work on a project to apply their learning and use their Italian in creative and meaningful tasks. Students are also involved in activities such as gardening and cooking in Italian and Italian language is incorporated into daily classroom routines and used at other times throughout the week.



To find out more about the program you can visit our website: Italiano@CNPS . You’ll find information on what we are studying each term, links to some of our favourite songs and clips, photos of our program in action, including “Carnevale” and an update on what we have been up to this week in our “Questa settimana” blog.


Italian website



“The study of languages contributes to the general education of all students. It operates from the fundamental principle that for all students, learning to communicate in two or more languages is a rich, challenging experience of engaging with and participating in the linguistic and cultural diversity of our interconnected world.”


Australian Curriculum: Languages Information Sheet, ACARA