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The Finish Line is in Sight!


finish lineAt the beginning of the year, Coburg North Primary School chose to take action and become more environmentally active and sustainable. Coburg North turned to ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic to help our school embed sustainability in everything we do. This year, we have been busily working through the actions of the Core Module (the foundation module) with help from the Green Team and our dedicated Sustainability Committee.


We are happy to announce that the finish line is in sight. We are currently 83% through the module and have completed 20 of the 24 actions required. Yayyyyyyy team! Well done to everyone that has been involved with ResourceSmart. We endeavour to finish the Core Module before the end of this year. Stay tuned.

Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators)

National Recycling Week – Recycle Right!

national recycling weekThis week is Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week, an initiative dedicated to promoting recycling education and bringing a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling.  

Throughout the week, teachers will discuss with their grades:

-         The importance of recycling

-         The impact rubbish can have to our environment

-         What can and can’t be recycled

-         The Three R’s– reducing, reusing and recycling

As recycling can take place at home, at school, in the work place and in public; it is important to improve students’ understandings and to bring about an awareness within our school community.

For National Recycling Week this year, Planet Ark is lifting the lid and has identified the seven secrets of successful recyclers:

To be a successful recycler:

1) KNOW THE FACTS – A little knowledge goes a long way. Knowing which items can be recycled will help us to recycle right, and is the first step in becoming a successful recycler.

2) DO IT IN THE BATHROOM – Did you know that some items in the bathroom can be recycled? Have a recycle bin in the bathroom to discard any empty shampoo or conditioner bottles, aerosol cans, toilet rolls etc.

3) DON’T BAG IT - Never put your recycling in plastic bags; this just defeats the purpose! Plastic bags can’t be recycled and end up in landfill. Recycling needs to be loose – use a cardboard box to take recyclables to the bin.

4) DO IT IN PUBLIC –Recycling bins can be located everywhere – beaches, parks and at shopping centres. Make an effort to find a recycling bin when you are out and about. Make sure you read the signage and use the bin correctly.

5) TAKE IT TO WORK –Take your recycling habits from home to work. Having recycling facilities and processes in place at work makes staff happy J Encourage your fellow colleagues to recycle right.

sustainability week6) THINK OUTSIDE THE BIN –Electronics can also be recycled. Sending electronics to landfill is a waste of resources. You can recycle old printer cartridges, mobile phones, SIM cards, batteries, TVS and computers.

7) BUY IT BACK - When and where possible, buy products made from recycled materials.

***For more information on Planet Ark’s recycling week please clink the link below:

Through recycling education and building on our successes, we can continue to build awareness and engagement with our school community, and further develop our recycling culture to help contribute to real environmental sustainability.

Green Team and  theSustainability Coordinators (Sarah and Courtney)

Challenge completed!


Last week, Coburg North Primary School participated in Cool Australia’s Enviroweek.


The whole school completed the ‘Wild Child’ challenge that saw all students and teachers connecting with the environment and partaking in various outdoor based activities.   


Students across all year levels seemed to enjoy getting out of the classroom and into nature. All grades enjoyed the sunshine and were able to engage and connect with the world around them through fun outdoor experiences.  Please see below for photos and a list of the activities each grade participated in during enviroweek:


  • Preps:  The preps were lucky enough to have Angela from Merri Creek Management Committee visit both grades.  Angela came to chat to students about the wonderful wildlife that visits Merri Creek and what they can do to ensure our creeks and rivers are kept clean.
  • Grade 1’s and 2’s:  The grade 1’s and 2’s decided to partake in enviroweek activities during Golden Time on Friday afternoon.  Our outdoor activities included gardening, creating nature collages, leaf rubbings, ball games, drawing chalk graffiti names and playing a game called ghosts in the graveyard.


  • Grade 3 / 4A and B: Headed outside to complete an environmental I-spy! Students worked in pairs to find various items in nature that begin with each letter of the alphabet. 


  • Grade 4/5:


  • Grade 5/6’S : Grade 5/6 students had a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine reading books and reenergising their minds after a long hard day in the classroom. 


Thank you to all grades and teachers involved in the Wild Child Challenge. All grades had a great time getting out into nature, connecting with the outdoors and celebrating Enviroweek.

Junior School Council Representatives

Sustainability Coordinators (Sarah and Courtney)


Staff  ‘TeamBuilding’ In Nature 

On Wednesday the 13th of August, it was staff’s turn to participate in a gardening session with Emma and Diana to contribute to our Wildlife Corridor. We all looked the part in our gardening gloves (though boots and ballet flats didn’t make it easy). Staff braved the cold and dirt after a long day of professional development to dig holes, plant, stake and water the plants. 

Thank you to all involved. Your contributions to the Wildlife Corridor are appreciated. 

***Please see below for some photos of staff working super hard:

staff bonding in naturestaff in naturestaff in naturestaff in naturestaff in nature

National Tree Day at Coburg North Primary School

sustainabilityThe whole school was recently involved in planting hundrees of indigenous plants around the staff car park area. This was the first of 3 planting sessions that will complete the schools 'Wildlife Corridor'.

Many students have been learning about biodiversity and investigating what animals are currently living in our school grounds. Students will continue to monitor this in anticipation that the school will become a home for all things bright and beautiful, and all creatures great and small!

Additional planting will also take place during Golden Time and as part of the Kitchen Tea Program with the 3/ 4 students. Community planting days will be up and coming. Please stay tuned for these dates as more hands make light work. Your help would be greatly appreciated by all involved.

A big thank you goes to all students, teachers and parents who were involved in National Tree Planting Week and an extra big thank you to Emma (mother of Annie in 1B) who has worked very hard on getting the 'Wildlife Corridor' up and running.

tree planting daynational tree planting daytree planting day

Enviroweek Participation

EnviroweekCoburg North Primary School is proud to announce our participation in Enviroweek. Enviroweek celebrates positive everyday choices to build a more sustainable future. This year, CNPS is partaking in the ‘Wild Child’ challenge that encourages all students and teachers to connect with the outdoors.  

Students will be participating in outdoor activities that enable them to engage and connect with the natural environment.  Activities may include gardening, nature trails, scavenger hunts and outdoor games.  

Why is this important?

  • Being outdoors allows children to connect with the world around them.
  • Through outdoor experiences, health and emotional well-being is improved.
  • Classroom learning is improved through outdoor connection (real life application).
  • Nature calms and re- energises you. Taking in the natural world around us can do wonders for the mind, body and spirit!  

Enviroweek Wild ChildEnviroweek will take place from Monday August 25th to Friday August 29th. During this week, all grades will be given a list of suggested outdoor activities. It is the teacher’s discretion as to which activity their grade participates in. 

We look forward to taking on the challenge and getting out into nature. Thank you for your support.

Sustainability Coordinators (Sarah and Courtney)

Junior School Council Representatives

Sustainability Committee Announced

sustainabilityWe are proud to announce that our Sustainability Committee has now been finalised. We are eager to begin to raise awareness within the school community and to engage students in fun, hands-on sustainable activities.

Our Sustainability Committee consists of:

-         Sarah 

-         Courtney 

-         Kyla 

-         Michael 

-         Lucy 

-         Emma 

-         Diana 

Thank you to these wonderful people for getting involved and sharing our vision. The passionate parents in this group have plenty of great ideas and a wealth of knowledge to share with us.We can’t wait to reduce our schools impact and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Thank you for your support.

Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators) 

Harry Potter Spell Casting with Indigenous Plants 

sustainabilityAs part of National Tree Planting Week, the Grade 1’s had a very special visit from Angela from Merri Creek Management Committee.  Angela was kind enough to come and chat to us about the wonderful wildlife that visits Merri Creek and what we can do to ensure our creeks and rivers are kept clean. We learnt about the damselfly, kingfishers, echidnas and the short finned eel. Angela also did some botanical scientific drawings with us and talked about native plants and their names. Even though some of their names were a bit tricky, we were able to use our special Harry Potter Wands to pretend to cast a spell whilst we recited the names. This helped us to pronounce and remember the names of the indigenous plants.We learnt about Wallaby Grass, DodonaeViscosa and Pelargoniums. 

indigenous plants indigenous plantsindigenous plants


sustainabilityWe Want You!

Before we can finalise our sustainability committee, we are looking for interested parents who would like to become a part of our adult action team.  The committee will be made up of teachers and parents who will work together to raise awareness within the school community and to drive our sustainability program in the right direction.

We can’t wait to reduce our schools impact, help make the Earth a better place and contribute to a more sustainable future for all. Now all we need is you! If you are interested and share our sustainability vision, please express your interest to either Sarah or Courtney as soon as possible. Our finalised Sustainability Committee will be announced in the next newsletter.

Thank you for your support.

Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators) 


Ecological Footprint Calculator

sustainability footprintAre you interested in finding out more about how you or your family impact the environment? How much area does it take to support your lifestyle? Take the quiz below to find out your ecological footprint and learn what you can do to tread more lightly on the Earth. This quiz is a fun and interactive way to calculate your ecological footprint however, may require some parental assistance.


** Please note this quiz does require the Adobe Flash Player version 9 or greater.

walk and ride2schoolWalk & Ride2School Program

At Coburg North Primary School, we have an Active Travel program that encourages students to walk or ride to school. The Ride or Walk to School initiative aims to increase walking, cycling and use of public transport among school students. This is to promote healthy routines and reduce our ecological footprint. Each week, all grades participate in a survey regarding how they travel to school. Once the data is collected and analysed, the grade that have the most participants who ride or walk to school will receive the Walk & Ride trophy. We will monitor our progress over the year to see how we are making a difference to the environment.

Fantastic News! 

grants smiley faceRecently, Coburg North Primary School has been the lucky recipient of two grants: 

     Yarra Valley Water – which will be used to purchase and install water tanks. 

     Junior Land Care Grant from Jemena – to assist in creating a native wild life corridor. 

We cannot wait to get the wheels in motion. A big thank you to School Council, staff and parents who are working hard to make our school a more sustainable environment. 


National Tree Day; 

“Every day is Tree Day” – (Planet Ark)  

national tree dayEach year, preschools, kindergartens, primary and high schools take part in the country’s largest community tree planting and nature care event; National Tree Day.


National Tree Day encourages students to venture outdoors, connect with nature and to do something positive for the environment. 


In Term 3, Coburg North Primary School will take part in this wonderful event. Every student in every grade will have the opportunity to plant a tree within the school grounds.  Students will be engaged in this hands on activity, and will learn how to plant and care for the seedlings they grow. 


We cannot wait to begin planting at Coburg North PS! 

Green Team - ‘Go Get Em’

sustainabilityWe are happy to announce that our Green Team for 2014 has been finalised! Our Green team members are the senior students in the Junior School Council and include:





Amy G






These wonderful students will form our action team and will work closely with Sarah, Courtney and the sustainability committee towards making the school more sustainable. They will drive our sustainability vision by raising awareness amongst the students of sustainable practices and activities that we can incorporate into our everyday lives. Participation in the Green Team will also give these 10 students every opportunity to build on their leadership skills and qualities.

The Green Team have already begun conducting an ecological audit within JSC meetings to assess what sustainable activities we are currently undertaking and what resources we may be using or wasting.  Students have already found that most of our daily activities use resources such as water, energy and waste. So far, most of the activities have been rated as “low usage” and include things like:

Brushing your teeth

Washing your hands

Using a toaster

Using the microwave

However, we did notice that as the wintery weather creeps up on us, the use of heaters and electric blankets will mean we are using electricity more, resulting in a higher resource usage and rate.

This ecological audit will continue over the next few weeks as baseline data is gathered, collated and analysed.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of the sustainability committee please express your interest to either Sarah or Courtney. 


Our School is Becoming ResourceSmart 


This year our school is taking action to become more environmentally sustainable through a Victorian Government initiative called ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic. 

ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic is a program that helps our school embed sustainability in everything we do. We are aiming to reduce our resource use (like electricity and water) plus support indigenous plants and animals. This will also hopefully help us save money. We also want to involve students, families and other members of our school and local community. 

In 2014, we are hoping to receive funded support from Sustainability Victoria, DEECD and our local council branch; Moreland.  We are working with Randy Mendez and Carolyn Shurey from CERES Environment Park on the actions of the Core Module (the foundation module), that evaluates where we are, where we want to get to and how we will get there. 

This year at Coburg North Primary School, we are aiming to reduce our ecological footprint and encourage students to become more environmentally aware and actively involved in sustainable activities. We will achieve this by integrating sustainability across the curriculum and instilling a sense of ownership and pride in improving the environment. We will also aim to build on the fabulous initiatives and sustainable practices we already undertake/perform at Coburg North. 

Over the next few months, we will also be forming a sustainability committee made up of teachers and parents who are interested and share our sustainability vision. If this is you, please feel free to express your interest to either Sarah or Courtney. 

We can’t wait to reduce our school’s impact, help make the Earth a better place for all, contribute to a sustainable future for all and share our achievements with you. 

Thank you for your support. 

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)  

Read more about ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic at (AuSSI is a national program and stands for the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative).



sustainabilityThis page is brought to you by the school Sustainability coordinators – Sarah Jackson and Courtney Jory. Very soon, we will also be appointing school Sustainability Captains and the senior end of Junior School Council will form our ‘Green Team’ to help us drive our Sustainability program. Here you will learn all about what our school has been doing to foster a more sustainable learning environment and about other/future sustainability initiatives. We also endeavour to provide some useful tips, facts and statistics to better educate teachers, students, parents and the wider school community about environmental practices and principles. 

As part of the AUSSI Vic Resource Smart Schools project we will be earning accreditation for each of the 4 areas – waste, energy, biodiversity and water.  ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do. Schools are supported, through consultancy and professional development, to take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

At Coburg North Primary School, we endeavour to reduce our ecological footprint and encourage our students to become more environmentally aware and actively involved in sustainable activities. What fabulous things are we already doing at Coburg North Primary School?  Take a look below:

  • sustainabilityElectronic newsletters
  • Compost bins in every classroom
  • Student yard duty and chicken monitors
  • Beautiful vegetable and herb gardens around the school
  • Participation in Ride/Walk to school days
  • School working bees (for our tyre maze, upkeep of gardens etc.)
  • Recycling bins in every classroom
  • Gardening and Kitchen Tea programs with parent helpers 

Below is an excerpt from our Sustainability Policy outlining our vision here at Coburg North. To view our Sustainability Policy in full, please click here.



Coburg North Primary School aims to become a Sustainable School by reducing our ecological footprint through adopting sustainable practises in our everyday lives. We will achieve this by integrating sustainability across the curriculum and instilling a sense of ownership of and pride in improving the environment. We will lead the community by demonstrating exemplary practices in waste management, water and energy usage, and develop the school grounds to promote biodiversity. 

Please click on the links below to see all the details about the AUSSI VIC Program and other related information. 

Resource Smart Schools

AUSSI Vic Initiative

CERES Sustainability Hub 

Over the next few months, we will also be forming a sustainability committee made up of teachers and parents who are interested and share our sustainability vision. If this is you, please feel free to express your interest to either Sarah or Courtney. 

We hope you enjoy our page. Be sure to check this space regularly for updates.