Digital Technologies

Coburg North Primary School strongly believes in the importance of Digital Technology as a teaching and learning tool throughout the Victorian Curriculum. As a result, we have invested heavily in recent years to upgrade our Wifi network, computer hardware and ensuring all classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards installed.


In Grades 5 and 6, the school runs a 1 to 1 program. This program allows for students to lease a computer from the school and use this same computer out of hours at home. Families that choose not to lease a computer are not disadvantaged as children from these families are still allocated an individual computer for use within class time. This program has been running at Coburg North for six years and has been a great success.


The ratio of devices for the rest of the school is approximately 1 to 2, thus ensuring all students have equality of access to computer hardware, encompassing small group and whole class learning.


Students use iPads and laptops to enhance learning across the curriculum, produce electronic products and investigate new topics or concepts. Students utilise diverse software programs throughout specialist classes to produce music, videos, visual arts and other digital products.


Foundation to Grade 2 classes receive a lesson from a specialist ICT teacher on a weekly basis. This has been highly successful in developing the ICT skill acquisition and capacity of our students.


Cyber safety is of high importance to the school and students receive lessons on how to be safe and act appropriately and responsibly online. In 2016 Coburg North Primary School attained full accreditation as an eSmart school. All students are required to abide by the Acceptable Use Agreement. Grade 5 and 6 students work towards attaining their eSmart Digital Licence. Students in Grades 2 to 4 use programs such as Skooville to develop their online safety skills.


Coburg North Primary School recognises the importance of coding. During 2017 staff and students will further develop their understanding of this skill using programs such as Scratch. Students have the opportunity to attend a regular Coding Club.


Each class and specialist area has its own blog to share student learning to enhance communication with our community. Students in Grade 3 and 4 develop their own digital portfolio and students in Grade 5 and 6 design and build their own website to showcase, share and reflect on their learning.


The school website is being used as a tool to provide access to resources that classrooms, students and families can use to enhance teaching and learning. These educational resources can be found via the Weblinks icon on the home page or via


Coburg North continues to recognise the importance of Digital Learning across the curriculum and continues to invest significant financial and human resources into our network infrastructure, classroom technologies, staff development and most importantly student learning.