Peer Support Program

Coburg North students will all once again participate in the Peer Support Program. This program is funded and supported by the New South Wales Health Department to assist school build positive relationship and promote mental wellbeing.

The previous units the Coburg North has delivered are:


  • ‘Promoting Harmony’ which focused on personal values
  • ‘Keeping Friends’ that focused on relationships

This year’s unit is ‘Stronger Together’, which focuses on anti-bullying.

What is the Peer Support program?

The Peer Support program provides students with a supportive environment where children and young people develop skills, understandings, attitudes and strategies to improve their mental, social and emotional wellbeing. Positive relationships are developed across the school through a series of engaging activities with a range of students of all ages. The program enables participating students to contribute in an environment where all can join in. Peer Support Leaders who deliver the program also gain leadership skills.


How does Peer Support work at Coburg North?  

After the initial Peer Leader Training, students from across the school are placed into small, mixed level groups every week for 8 weeks. These weekly sessions will run for about 40 minutes using materials from Peer Support Australia about positive relationships and anti-bullying. Peer Leaders run these weekly, supervised, sessions to develop protective factors and strengthen positive relationships across the school. Student leaders will have a weekly briefing on material that is to be delivered and receive feedback from their supervising teacher at the conclusion of each session. Using Peer Leaders means we have student role models who can help our staff and parents encourage positive relationships.


The Stronger Together module  

The module builds on research from health promotion, prevention and positive psychology approaches.

The module covers the following topics:  

  • Session 1 Feeling safe - Being me!
  • Session 2 Strong me!
  • Session 3 Including others
  • Session 4 Make the change
  • Session 5 Know your rights
  • Session 6 Make a choice
  • Session 7 Standing together
  • Session 8 Take the lead!  

The students identify their own strengths and then discuss what is respectful and what are unhealthy behaviours and how strategies, including talking to staff and parents can help. The module reinforces some of our schools key values and our policy and procedures.

Regular newsletter updates will be issued throughout this 8 week program so parents know what is being discussed. 

For more information about the Peer Support Program :