Visual Arts 2014

art show

Visual Arts

At Coburg North Primary our talented Art Teacher inspires our students every week.


Our students experience a wide variety of visual art mediums in the areas of drawing, painting, threads & textiles, collage, modelling, printmaking and construction.

2014 Art Show

art showOur art teacher Rhonda and the talented artists of Coburg North put on a wonderful art show in October.

Families spent time exploring and sharing the works of art.

Everyone was also treated to a fashion show by Michelle and her team of designers/models.

Some musical performances with our music teacher Stephen and students Claudio, Isabella, Jasmine and Clara added to the cultural experience.

The artwork for each grade level was exhibited around a theme:

art showart showGrade Prep: It's all about moi!

art showart showGrade 1 /2: Come into the garden Alice.

art showGrade 3 /4: In a galaxy far far away.

art showGrade 5 /6: Big Night Out.


art showAdded to this we had had contributions from parents and teachers. There was a selection of paintings, drawings, felting, quilts, knitting and sewing.

art showSome tasty wine and cheese was available to enhance the experience.

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