Sustainability 2015

nude food daynude food day


November‘Green’ Thought:

green thoughtNational Recycling Week is this month. Challenge yourself to recycle more in Moreland.

Did you know that the following items can be placed in your Moreland recycling bin?

  • Polystyrene
  • Plastics
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Aluminium, steel and metal
  • Glass bottles and jars

green thoughtThese items however, DO NOT go into your recycling bin:

  • Garden waste
  • Food scraps
  • Glassware, ceramics or window glass
  • Compostable plastics
  • Clothing/rags
  • Batteries and mobile phones
  • Light globes

Whilst these items can’t go in your recycling bin, they can still be recycled or donated for reuse. For recycling options and further information visit the A to Z guide to waste and recycling at

 Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators)


October ‘Green’ Thought:

october green thoughtNow that the weather has improved, why not get out, get involved and get active?

Regular physical activity helps keep you healthy and happy! Keeping physically active is made much easier when the weather is kind and warm. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week. Where possible, get outdoors and connect with nature. Nature calms and re-energises you. Taking in the natural world around us can do wonders for the mind body and spirit.

This October why not get outdoors, get involved and get physically active! Go for a walk or run through the park, do some gardening, take little Rover for a walk down to the shops, join a local fitness club or walking group, ride your bike to work or play a game with the kids in the backyard. Whatever you choose to do, the fact is- be active! 

Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators)


September‘Green’ Thought:


green thoughtSpring has sprung! That means it’s time to get planting.


Spring is the perfect time to get back into the garden and do some planting of flowers, herbs and vegetables or, to get rid of those nasty weeds from winter. If you want a rainbow of colour in your garden, try and plant some of the following spring flowers:


  • Pansy
  • Yellow Trillium
  • Hellebore
  • Bloodroot
  • Snowdrop Anemone
  • Redbud
  • Lilac
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Daffodil
  • Tulips
  • Bluestar


Make sure you duck into your local garden centres and nurseries to select the items you would like in your spring garden 


Courtney and Sarah


(Sustainability Coordinators)



Our school now has a comingled recycling skip. Starting on 7/8/15 the classroom bins will be bag less and for recyclables only. In each room there will be a bin for recycling and a bin for composting. Any waste that cannot be recycled or composted will need to be taken home or put in the waste wheelie bins in the yard. Classes will have class bin monitors to empty the recycling at the end of each day, into the recycling skip located behind the staff room. Staff will still have small waste bins in their office. We are trying to minimise use, using only when necessary. Recycling bins will be introduced to the yard and be clearly labelled. This option is not only good for the world but our pocket also! Happy recycling!!!


Please see our recycling coordinator Michael Hill if you have any questions and stay tuned for a thrilling presentation at Mondays assembly.

August ‘Green’ Thought: 

green thoughtBefore you switch the heater on this winter, get warm by putting on some layers. 

This winter, just warm yourself, not the planet! The energy saving potential of clothing is simple. Instead of putting the heater on or turning the thermostat up, put another layer of clothing on. Multiple pairs of socks, gloves, beanies, warm insulated/thermal jackets and dressing gowns are your best friends during winter time. When in bed, throw on an extra blanket or doona to keep you cosy. 

Even if you look like the Michelin Man, at least you will be warm this winter. 

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)

July ‘Green’ Thought: 

green thought JulyWinter is the perfect time to install a water tank for your garden and conserve water! 

Rainwater tanks are a great way to save water! Tanks are easy to use and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit most homes. What are the advantages of installing a water tank? I’m glad you asked! 

  • Water tanks can provide you with free water all year round, and are not affected by water restrictions.
  • Rainwater is far better for your garden than grey water.
  • There are many designs and sizes.
  • Having water tanks installed in your home can save you huge amounts from your water bills. 

Water tanks are an excellent long term solution! There is no time like the present to install a water tank now that the rainy weather has hit  

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)

The Nude Food Pledge 

nude foodStudents last week at Coburg North Primary learnt about Nude Food. Nude food is food that comes to school without disposable packaging such as extra plastic bags, paper bags, wrappings, cling wrap, foil etc. They learnt about the importance of choosing healthy, rubbish free food for our lunches and snacks. 

It has been great to see many pledges signed and students taking the initiative to create a waste-free environment at Coburg North Primary School. 

Thank you for your Support!

Golden Time- Recyclable Art 

A big thank you to the parents who have kindly donated their recyclables as materials for Golden Time activities. Grade 1/2 have been participating in many sustainable activities, such as jelly fish in bottles using old plastic bottles, ukuleles out of tissue boxes, bird houses out of milk cartons, robots out of boxes and even challenging students creativity by making a creation out of newspaper. Check out some of the students creations!


June ‘Green’ Thought:

sustainabilityBe prepared: make a habit of bringing your own packaging.

  • Bring cloth sacks/enviro bags to the store with you instead of taking home new paper or plastic bags. You can use these sacks again and again. You'll be saving some trees!
  • Plastic containers and reusable lunch bags are great ways to take your lunch to school/work without creating waste.
  • Store food and meals in reusable plastic containers.
  • Don’t buy a coffee from the coffee shop! There are some fancy and funky thermos flasks, bottles and mugs on the market!
  • When going on a picnic, take your goodies in an old fashioned picnic basket – just watch out for Yogi Bear J

Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators)


Nude Food Day! 

This Friday 29th of May 

nude food dayNude Food Day Challenge! As part of the Challenge, all grades will be participating in a ‘Nude Food’ day to focus on minimising food and packaging waste, which is the main component of school waste that has to go to landfill. This is where you can help!


Try to pack:A Waste-Less Lunchbox

  • Snacks & drinks in reusable containers. This includes zip lock bags which can be washed and reused many times
  • Reusable utensils when needed
  • A reusable lunchbox or backpack

Avoid:A Disposable Lunchbox

  • Lunches packed in plastic bags or cling wrap, foil or wax paper that cannot be reused
  • Disposable forks and spoons
  • Pre-packaged single-serve snack items

Not Rude, Just Nude!

not rude nude‘Nude Food’, is food that comes to school without disposable packaging for example; extra plastic bags, paper bags, wrappings, cling wrap, foil etc. Neighbouring schools within the area are embracing the nude food revolution and encouraging children to bring a rubbish free lunch to school. We believe Nude Food is a fantastic opportunity to educate children about how their actions can impact the environment and their health. Focussing on the positive message of ‘nude food = a healthy body + a healthy planet’, we encourage our students at CNPS to choose healthy, rubbish free food for their lunches and snacks.

So what is so good about packing a ‘Nude’ lunch every day?  Let’s take a look:

Reduce landfill -You can help to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill to benefit the environment. You can have a significant impact on landfill by simply avoiding the use of cling wrap, juice boxes and all unnecessary and extra packaging.

Nude Food lunches promotes healthy food choices-  Creating waste free lunches encourages better food and drink choices, as  many healthy food options comes with their own packaging. Compared to fresh foods, pre-packaged food often contains more kilojoules, fat, salt and sugar. Avoiding pre-packaged snacks not only reduces waste at school but promotes better nutrition and making healthy food choices.

So why not look at your lunch boxes again?
Make a conscious decision to only include foods that leave no packaging at the end of the day. Pop the sandwich or bread roll into a reusable sandwich wrap and use small containers for any snack foods and of course, pack a reusable drink bottle. The only thing left at the end of the day should be an apple core, crusts or other left over food remnants – all organics which can be recycled via school compost bins.

nude foodFor a Nude Food Lunchbox, try to pack:

-       Snacks in reusable containers

-       A reusable drink bottle

-       Reusable utensils when/if needed

-       A reusable lunchbox

Tips for packing Nude Food Lunches:

-       Try packing lunches the night before and storing them in the fridge overnight.

-       Cut up fruit and vegetables and pack them in reusable containers so children can eat some and the save the rest for later. For example, it’s harder to take some bites from an apple at recess and then save the rest for lunchtime. It is much easier to eat a wedge or two and then reseal the container.

Do you want to WOW??

If you would like to wipe out waste and participate in ‘Nude Food’ at Coburg North Primary School, fill out the lunchbox below and place into the box labelled “Nude Food” at the office. All pledges will be laminated and form a display within the school for all students, parents and families to see. 

nude food

Want some ‘Nude Food’ ideas? Click here for food and recipes that can go butt naked.

Click here for a weekly meal planner template

Click here for a sample meal plan.

May ‘Green’ Thought:

may green thoughtDon’t throw it away, give it a second life! Recycle right - reuse, repair and re-sell!

We are quickly running out of space. It's time to learn the three R's of the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle. Try not to buy things you don't need or items that come in wasteful packaging or that cannot be recycled. Reuse and recycle whatever you can.

Below are just a few ways we can give items a second life:

Reuse –buy objects in refillable containers and buy second hand items. Be creative and find new uses for items every day! For example; an old jam jar can be used to store Knick knacks, homemade jams/preserves or can even be used as a vase. Coffee cans, shoe boxes, margarine containers, and other types of containers people throw away can be used to store things or can become fun arts and crafts projects. Use your imagination!

Repair – repair broken items or older items that just need to be given a whole new lease on life. Chairs can be re-caned, sofas and chairs can be re-upholstered. Items can be rejuvenated such as a rusted up chain on a bike.

Re-sell or donate - donate unwanted items to charity shops, jumble sales, hospitals, playgroups, residential homes etc. Alternatively, so much of what is taken to recycling centres or thrown out can be sold at garage sales or online (eBay/gumtree).

Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators)

Nude Food Day

As leaders of the Green Team, Coburg North Primary School are working towards improving the school’s recycling, and reducing waste going to landfill.

nude food dayCoburg North Primary School is already running composting by the Grade 3/4’s. The main reasons for this focus are that:

  • Recycling and waste reduction conserves natural resources and energy, and ensures the sustainability of our planet
  • Developing recycling and waste reduction skills in students is important learning
  • Waste going to landfill is far more costly to the school than recycling, so minimising waste means there will be more money for learning resources and teaching support

Nude Food Day
Challenge! As part of the Challenge, all grades are will be participating in a ‘Nude Food’ day to focus on minimising food and packaging waste, which is the main component of school waste that has to go to landfill. This is where you can help!

Try to pack: A Waste-Less Lunchbox

  • Snacks & drinks in reusable containers. This includes zip lock bags which can be washed and reused many times
  • Reusable utensils when needed
  • A reusable lunchbox or backpack

Avoid:  A Disposable Lunchbox

  • Lunches packed in plastic bags or cling wrap, foil or wax paper that cannot be reused
  • Disposable forks and spoons
  • Pre-packaged single-serve snack items

On NUDE FOOD DAY – Thursday 30th of April

We appreciate your support! 

Green Team 

April ‘Green’ Thought:

April green thoughtCompost your autumn leaves this season and your garden will thank you.

In autumn, the leaves on trees and shrubs turn magnificent colours of gold, scarlet, orange and even purple. However, after such a spectacular and colourful display, the leaves fall and can be very messy. Whilst some people burn the leaves or out them straight in the garbage, these ‘solutions’ to the problem aren’t good for the environment.  A better and environmentally friendlier option is to compost the leaves and return the valuable nutrients they contain to your soil.

One handy hint from the good old Don Burke is to put your autumn leaves through a shredder or run a mower over them (after raking), as it increases the surface area available to the micro-organisms. Good on ya Don! 

Courtney and Sarah

(Sustainability Coordinators)


Litter Audit- Term 1 

This term, the Green Team are creating an action plan against litter at Coburg North by completing a Litter audit around the school grounds. Students used iPad’s out on the oval, big area and little area to record what types of litter was found and what locations they were found in. Lucky, we didn’t find too many pieces of litter in the yard due to our yard duty monitors! However, we still found wrappers in out of bounds areas including, behind the Grade 1/2 and Grade 5/6 portables and along the fence line near Harmony Park. We are now busily creating posters to reduce litter and direct students to the closest bin in the yard. 

The Green Team 


March 'Green' Thought:

Australian FlagGet involved in Clean Up Australia Day and make Australia sparkle. 

This year, Clean Up Australia Day falls on Sunday the 1st March.  Clean Up Australia Day encourages communities, schools and businesses to help clean up and keep our country beautiful. 

 Last year, with thanks to an estimated 572,406 volunteers, 15,708 tonnes of rubbish at 7,140 sites was collected. Since the national event started in 1990, Australians have donated more than 27.2 million hours taking to their local streets, parks, bushland and waterways to remove rubbish. 

So put yourself in the picture in 2015 and get involved! Remember when looking after our country, to also look after yourself! Wear gloves and use rubbish pickers  

Please support Clean up Australia and look after the beautiful country we live in.  

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)

Our School is ResourceSmart!  

This year our school is continuing to take action to become more environmentally sustainable through a Victorian Government initiative called ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic.  

ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic is a program that helps our school embed sustainability in everything we do. We are aiming to reduce our resource use (like electricity and water) plus support indigenous plants and animals. This will also hopefully help us save money. We also want to involve students, families and other members of our school and local community.  

In 2015, we are receiving funded support from Sustainability Victoria and DEECD and Moreland City Council.  

We are working with Randy Mendez from CERES Environment Park on the actions of the Waste Module.  

This year, we are aiming to continue to build on our sustainability achievements, monitor our resource use by using a free website called ResourceSmart Online, improve our gardens, improve our waste systems, get our community involved, participate in exciting events, supporting our students, including sustainability in our curriculum.     

We can’t wait to share our achievements with you, see our gardens grow, reduce our school’s impact in, help make the Earth a better place for all, and contribute to a sustainable future for all.  

Read more about ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic at (AuSSI is a national program and stands for the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative).

Green Team Members of 2015! 

green teamWe are happy to announce that our Green Team for 2015 has been finalised! It was great to see such a great turnout on last Thursday’s meeting. This year, our Green Team members are made up of the following junior and senior students:























































These wonderful students will form our action team and will work closely with Sarah, Courtney and the sustainability committee towards making the school more sustainable. They will drive our sustainability vision by raising awareness amongst the students of sustainable practices and activities that we can incorporate into our everyday lives.

The Green Team have already begun focusing on our next module, Waste. Members have been conducting a Litter Audit within certain zones of the school. Members got into groups with an ipad and took pictures of rubbish that they found and were able to see what types of rubbish were found in the yard. Students also found out the ‘hotspots’ in the yard where rubbish had been found. Members were surprised with the findings! The Green Team is now eager to create posters to promote a litter free yard and signs to direct students to the closest bins. 

Well done Green Team! 

Courtney and Sarah (Sustainability Coordinator’s) 

We Want You in 2015! 

want you sustainabilityIn 2014, we established a wonderful and dedicated sustainability committee consisting of passionate parents and teachers. They have played a vital role in the wildlife corridor, the planting and maintenance of our beautiful gardens, conducting audits for biodiversity and organising and distributing sustainability show-bags to all families within the school.  Together, we have worked hard to embed more sustainable practices into everyday school life and encourage students to become more environmentally aware and actively involved in sustainable activities. 

With help from our student Green Team and our sustainability committee, in 2014, we were able to successfully complete the Core Module and achieve Star Certfication.  This year, we are looking to undertake the actions of our next module at CNPS, which will focus on waste management and reduction. 

We are looking for interested parents who would like to become a part of our adult action team in 2015.  The committee will work closely together to raise awareness within the school community, to drive our sustainability program in the right direction and to complete the required actions of the ‘Waste’ module. 

We can’t wait to reduce our schools impact, help make the Earth a better place and contribute to a more sustainable future for all. Now all we need is you! If you are interested and share our sustainability vision, please express your interest to either Sarah or Courtney as soon as possible, no later than the end of Week 3 (Friday the 13th). We will be looking to announce any additional members to our committee in the newsletter and hold our first meeting in Week 4. 

Thank you for your support in advance. 

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green

green teamAre you and some friends at school interested in helping our environment and want to do more? Why not join the Green Team? The Green Team can create and run projects and campaigns at our school to fix the environmental problems that you think are the most important to the kids at our school.

Green Team members set a great example and encourage others to care for our environment. Green Teams are student leaders.

Green Team members will meet on a weekly basis to:

  • Maintain plants and the vegetable garden at the school
  • Take part in nature projects in the school, for example the Nature Walkway
  • green teamParticipate in competitions to encourage Sustainability in School
  • Discuss ways to reduce waste at our school, including collecting and auditing class rubbish and thinking of ways to motivate the school community to reduce waste.
  • Create art projects about the environment and host an art fair. Reuse material to show that "junk" can be beautiful if we use our creativity. Take photos or paint pictures reflecting environmental problems.
  • green teamBuild a wormery to compost garbage.
  • Make posters using environmental facts and to put them up at libraries, offices and classrooms.
  • Report to Grade about ways to reduce waste
  • Write regular newsletter reports
  • green teamCollect reusable items from the school community to donate to fundraisers.

Just to name a few...

If you are interested in joining the Green Team please meet with Courtney and Sarah in Sarah's classroom at 1:40 (lunchtime) on Thursday the 12th of February.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Courtney and Sarah (Sustainability Coordinators) 

Core Module Completed! 

Sustainability Core Module CompleteSustainability Core Module CompleteAs you know, last year Coburg North Primary School turned to ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic to help our school embed sustainability in everything we do. With help from the wonderful Green Team and our dedicated Sustainability Committee, we have been able to successfully complete the 24 required actions of the Core Module. What does this mean exactly?  That we have been certified for the foundation module and have achieved Star Certification; Yippeee! 

Yayyyyyyy team!  We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone involved with ResourceSmart.  We look forward to working towards our next star and beginning the next module at CNPS, which will focus on ‘Waste’ management and reduction. Welcome back to the new school year everyone. Don’t make this year a ‘waste’, let’s make 2015 a greener year to remember.

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)

February ‘Green’ Thought: 

sustainability Feb green thoughtsustainability Feb green thoughtDon’t let precious water go down the drain. Use it to keep your garden healthy this summer. 

Water is by far, one of Earth’s most precious resources! Other ways to conserve water and use it in the garden include:

  • Washing your pets outside, in an area of our lawn that needs some water.
  • Spreading a layer of organic mulch around plants in your garden helps them retain moisture, saving water, time and money! Bonus!While you are waiting for water to run hot, collect the running water and use it to water your garden/plants.
  • When giving your pets’ fresh water, use the old water on your trees or shrubs.
  • Collect any water you use while rinsing your fruit and vegetables to water house/outdoor plants.

They are just a few ideas to ensure water wastage is kept to a minimum. Please be a water saver and as always, turn taps off when not in use. 

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)

January ‘Green’ Thought: 

sustainability January green thoughtWhy not make it your New Year’s Resolution to recycle right? 

You can place the following items in your Moreland recycling bin: polystyrene, plastics, paper and cardboard, aluminium steel and metal (such as old cutlery, pots and pans) and glass bottles and jars. 

Please remember that all items should be rinsed and/or flattened, with lids removed from jars and bottles. It is also important NOT TO bag your recycling. Items in plastic bags cannot be recycled, so please be sure to keep them separate. 

Courtney and Sarah 

(Sustainability Coordinators)

Want more? Please see 2014 Sustainability for more about the school's sustainability program.