School Council Members

School Council President: Kate Copping

Vice President: Emma Hopkins

Treasurer: Paul Sutton


The 2018 Subcommittees were formed as follows. These are open to all members of the community. If you would like to be involved, please contact Kate Copping via the school office.


Finance: Paul Sutton, Debra Davis, Jill Howells

Education: Trist Jones, Sarah Ryan, Kyla Mamic, Oktay Kaya, Helen Nicoll, Kate Copping

OSHP: Trist Jones, Helen Nicoll, Kerryn Cilia, Amanda Tabone, Rachel Fava, Shelley Montgomery, Jill Howells

Parents and Friends: Ruzi Duric, Tamara Heath (President) and Jackie Hanson (President) and others

Buildings Grounds and Development: Sebastian Furness, Paul Sutton, Emma Hopkins, Oktay Kaya, Jill Howells, John Pye, Carmel Post

Communication and building people power: Kirrily Noonan, Kerrie Thomson, Stephen Sharpe, Kyla Mamic, Ruzi Duric

Strategic Funding: Kate Copping, Matt Abbott, Kirrily Noonan, Paul Sutton, Jill Howells


Dates were also set for the school council meeting for the remainder of the year. These meetings are open to all. They are held at 7pm in the staffroom. The dates are:

Term 2:
Wednesday 2nd May

Wednesday 6th June
Term 3:
Wednesday 1st August 
Wednesday 5th September

Term 4:

Wednesday 24th October 
Wednesday 28th November


Remember, all members of the school community are welcome to attend school council meetings and join the sub-committees and working groups. 


You are also welcome to raise any issues you'd like discussed at school council by talking to any of your school council representatives or by sending an email to