The Coburg North Primary Literacy program aims to enhance students’ speaking, listening, reading, writing and thinking skills.


Literacy programs are designed to include a combination of whole-class activities, shared small-group activities and individual learning opportunities. Class lessons often conclude with students reflecting on and sharing what they have learnt.


The key focus areas in Literacy are:


·         Reading

·         Phonological awareness & Phonics

·         Writing

·         Spelling

·         Handwriting

·         Speaking & Listening 




Homework begins in the junior grades with students participating in the Home Reading program which aims to enhance literacy across all reading levels. Senior school students are required to complete weekly tasks negotiated with their class teachers. Homework complements and reinforces classroom learning while fostering effective lifelong study habits.





Our Library is a busy and vibrant space. Each grade visits the library for borrowing on a weekly basis.

Parent helpers assist each grade during these sessions by returning and borrowing out books as well as shelving books. Borrowers are required to have a library bag to protect library resources.

Library books and resources are continually updated and improved. The school participates in the Premier’s reading challenge each year.


Reading Recovery


What is Reading Recovery?


Reading Recovery is a school-based early intervention program developed in New Zealand by Dame Professor Marie Clay to assist year one students who require additional assistance to be able to read and write.  Reading Recovery provides a second opportunity for children having difficulty with literacy learning as the strategies used compliment the Early Years Reading and Writing program that is provided daily be teachers in the classroom.


The Reading Recovery program has assisted thousands of children in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the USA to make rapid progress in Reading and Writing. In the Reading Recovery program, the great majority of children change from being ineffective readers to being active, independent problem solvers able to meet the challenges of the daily reading and writing program in the classroom.

Reading Recovery is based on a team approach. It is most successful when supported by the whole school community (principal, classroom teachers, parents and school council). The Reading Recovery teacher is a highly skilled literacy teacher within the school who is able to support and share knowledge with other early years teachers.


The Program:
• Each child has an individual program designed in response to their particular needs by a trained Reading Recovery teacher.
• Each child has a daily, 30 minute Reading Recovery session. This is in addition to the regular classroom Reading and Writing program activities.
• Children participate in the program for twelve to 20 weeks.

• Each child in the Reading Recovery program will take familiar books to read, and a cut up sentence to reassemble. If parents are able to spend time with their child to complete these activities daily the child’s learning will be further enhanced.

• Children participate in the program on a daily basis therefore it is important that the children attend school regularly, enabling them to make rapid progress.

• If children are likely to be absent for an extended period parents are asked to contact the school.


The Reading Recovery teacher

Every Reading Recovery teacher completes a year of training, involving both theory and practice. Acute observation and interactive teaching skills are developed, practised and reflected upon in light of current literacy and understandings. Reading Recovery is based on a theory of learning that makes explicit the complexities of students’ literacy behaviours.

The Reading Recovery teacher is a highly skilled literacy teacher within the school. Coburg North has four trained Reading Recovery teachers on staff who are able to utilise these valuable skills in the classroom as well as in the Reading Recovery Program.