Health and Physical Education

There is an increasing recognition of the importance of living an active, healthy life and of the need to make informed, responsible decisions. Health and physical education gives students the knowledge and practical skills to meet these needs and helps develop a better quality of life for all.


Health and physical education focuses on the development of the whole person by contributing to the individual’s emotional, mental, physical and social well-being. Knowledge and skills are developed and experiences provided that promote student participation in personal and group actions enabling students to become responsible members of society. Health and physical education develops a range of communication skills and offers students experiences that enable them to work effectively alone and in teams.



Students from Prep to Grade 2 will experience a variety of Gross Motor activities. Activities within these sessions revolve around play, aiming for enjoyment and participation. Fitness will develop through student participation in class activities.


Preps and Grade One students will also participate in a Perceptual Motor Program weekly which aims to develop both fine and gross motor skills.



Students from Grades 3 to 6 participate in a balanced physical education and health program that includes outdoor activities, fitness activities, dance, sport education and games. These activities are far more structured than in the younger grades.


At Coburg North Primary School students also participate in a Swimming Program (all years), Interschool Sports (Grades 5 & 6), School Carnivals for Cross Country and Athletics, and specialist Sporting Clinics that operate from time to time.


Twilight Sports

A highlight of our year is the annual Twilight Sports Night held during first Term. The entire school community comes together to support our four Houses in a fun-filled evening of races and challenges.


Physical Education
Coburg North Primary School has developed an impressive reputation for providing an excellent Physical Education and Sporting Program over many years. School Council has continued to provide support in this area of the curriculum by directly employing a qualified Physical Education specialist over many years. This has obvious benefits for all children in terms of physical development and skill acquisition.

Every student has a one hour physical education lesson each week.  Throughout the year the school provides clinics conducted by Sports Development Officers to improve skill levels in major games and to introduce a wide range of sports to students.

Bike Education
Students in grade four participate in a comprehensive program which develops all aspects of road safety and bicycle education.

Inter-school Sports
Coburg North is a member of the Coburg District Sports Association and participates in Athletics Carnivals and Cross-Country Championships.
During term one, two, and four, students in grades three to six compete against other schools in:

  • Bat Tennis
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • AFL
  • Basketball

We have a very successful record in competing in local district both on an individual and team basis.


Go for Your Life

Coburg North is a registered ‘Go for Your Life’ school, which is a national initiative towards healthy living for children. It is an opportunity for school, families and local community organizations to get involved in a range of activities designed to increase physical activity, healthy eating and positive self esteem.


This program and the results of the ‘Fun ‘n’ Healthy in Moreland’ program form the basis of our Daily Physical Activity (DPA), fruit / brain food break and water bottles on tables.


Our school was selected to showcase this program for Prince Charles during his 2005 visit to Australia.