Inquiry at CNPS

At Coburg North Primary School, we believe 21st century skills are vital for students in their development of coping in a rapidly changing world. We explicitly teach, model, practise and support the development of the 6C’s throughout all learning experiences.


Inquiry at CNPS mirrors the 21st century workplace. Students tackle real world problems with the aid of technology; work collaboratively with their peers, teachers and experts in the community; ask good questions; develop deep knowledge, identify and solve challenges, and share their learning with a purposeful audience.

Although key reading, writing and mathematical skills are taught specifically during focused literacy and numeracy sessions, Inquiry is embedded in all learning areas, whilst encompassing subjects such as Science, the Humanities, Health and Technology.

Inquiry Scope & Sequence – Big Ideas

Student Led Exhibitions

A Student Led Exhibition is an opportunity for students to share their learning, thinking and pieces of work with a purposeful audience. It is a chance for attendees to honour the deep level of learning of each student and ask higher order questions about the thinking and learning involved.
This exhibition promotes a high level of student agency as it empowers all students to take ownership of their learning. Students have had opportunities to decide what and how their learning is displayed and presented. Student Led Exhibitions are held annually at CNPS.

Watch the video below to see our Student Led Exhibition in 2019