School Council

School Council Members 2019

  • Committee and working party chairs were also nominated and are as follows:
    • Finance: Kirrily Noonan
    • Education: Nicola Andrews
    • Buildings and Grounds: Carmel Post
    • Parents and Friends: Ruzi Duric
    • OSHC: Helen Nicoll
    • Camps Working Party: Kate Copping
    • Community engagement: Stephen Sharpe
    • Strategic Funding: Kate Copping
    • Wellbeing: Tim Prendergast
    • Sustainability: Carmel Post

All parents are welcome to join the committees and/or working parties. Please contact either the committee chair directly, or via the school office, or the email above for Kate Copping, if you would like to join any of these groups. 
School Council Meeting dates are: May 29, June 26, July 24,  August 28 ,October 23, November 6 all meetings will be held at 7 pm. All are welcome to attend.

Proposed Sub-committee meeting dates for 2019:

  • Finance: 9am in the school office - 15 May, 12 June, 17 July, 14 August, 11 September, 16 October, 13 November, 11 December
  • Parents and Friends: 7pm in the staffroom - 20 May, 17 June, 22 July, 19 August, 21 October, and 18 November
  • Education: 6pm in the staffroom - 22 May, 19 June, 24 July, 21 August, 23 October, 20 November
  • OSCH: 6pm in the OSCH space - 21 May, 18 June, 16 July, 20 August, 15 October, 19 November
  • Buildings and Grounds: 5:30 pm in Room 1 - 14 May, 18 June, 23 July, 20 August, 22 October, 19 November

The School Council is an elected body of parents and DEECD employees. The School Council is the governing body of the school and has responsibility with the school principal for the operation of the school.

It consists of 11 people they are 3 DE&T and 8 parent representatives. 
Among the many tasks of our School Council are the requirements to:

1) Determine the education policy of the school within guidelines issued by the Minister:

2) Draw up an annual financial budget

3) Monitor the expenditure of all the school's money

4) Keep buildings and grounds in good repair

5) Recommend improvements and extensions

6) Provide cleaning and sanitation

7) Stimulate parent and community interest in the school

8) Regularly report council's activities to the school community

The school council operates through a number of subcommittees:


  • Formulation of draft budget for School Council during term 4 each year.
  • Conduct a budget review as determined by School Council following the school receiving the Confirmed Global Budget each year.
  • Monthly monitoring of accounts to be paid prior to each Council Meeting, ensuring that proper Internal Control procedures are being followed, and that expenditure is in line with the school budget.
  • Draft long term financial plan for School Council, to enable the school to be able to meet commitments that are not able to be met from each year’s annual budget.
  • Make recommendations to School Council regarding the school’s investment practices.

Education & Welfare

  • Oversee the drafting of program plans implementing school policy in relation to educational policy and the school’s charter.
  • Report to the school council on the progress of these program plans throughout the year.
  • Monitor the implementation of the school charter priorities, regularly reporting on these to school council.
  • Develop and review school policy for all Key Learning Areas.
  • Keep Council fully informed of current educational initiatives to ensure that CNPS policies and practices reflect best educational practice.
  • Oversee the drafting of program plans implementing school policy in relation to student welfare.
  • Oversee the policy implementation of the school charter environment goal (Student Welfare) and the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Report to the school council on the progress of these program plans throughout the year.


  • Draft guidelines for the operation of sub-committees
  • Draft guidelines for the development of policies
  • Plan School Council Meetings, monitor the overall effectiveness of School Council operations.
  • Identify factors that would be effective in placing Coburg North Primary School as the pre-eminent primary school of the district.
  • Develop a long-term marketing strategy that would highlight the positive attributes of Coburg North Primary School within the immediate school and wider community.
  • Develop an activity focus each year that will work towards meeting the school’s long term marketing strategy.
  • Assist in reviewing the school’s communication with the school and wider community.
  • Identify the positive attributes of Coburg  North and focus on promoting these as well as identifying opportunities for improvement to work on.


  • Oversee the drafting of program plans implementing school policy in relation to maintaining and developing the school’s buildings and grounds.
  • Develop a process of cyclical maintenance that ensures the school buildings are kept in a good state of repair.
  • Oversee the development of school grounds facilities.
  • Conduct regular safety audits.
  • Oversee the effectiveness of the school maintenance personnel in keeping the school in good order.
  • Foster parental involvement in the school through conducting regular working bees.

School Council elections are conducted in February/March each year.

Here are the School Council AIMS