School Camps

We have a comprehensive camping program to support curriculum studies and to build friendships amongst children.


Preps have an annual breakfast. Students come to school in their pyjamas and enjoy a healthy breakfast together in their classrooms. It is a great stepping stone to learning to be independent and responsible for their belongings.


Grade 1 students have dinner at school along with fun evening activities.

Grade 2 students have a dinner and sleepover in fourth Term. Students come to school in the evening and share a dinner together, followed by fun evening activities.

Grades 3 and 4 have a three day camp each year.
And in 2017 our Grade 5and 6 students had a week long camp to Canberra.


The school camp is an excellent opportunity for students to learn to be independent, whilst offering them activities to foster teamwork, co-operation and enhance friendships.


Grade 5/6 students also have the opportunity to attend Somers Camp along with other students from our district.


If you are eligible for the Camp, Sport and Excursion Fund Parent Application please download your form here

Check out the 2017 Grade 3/4 camp to Shoreham and the Grade 5/6 camp to Canberra.